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GearDuino controller is designed by ALSRobot, which is for the robot lovers developed a multi-functional practical controller, it will double dc motor driven (TB6612FNG), 4 road digital interface (which can be driven steering gear), 4 road simulation interface, 4 road IIC interface and 1 serial port integration in together, let you can immediately start your robot assembly suite and smart car projects without having to add additional devices.

Humanized row seat color instructions, allowing you to easily distinguish between power supply and signal lines, this design is not only compatible with most of the existing sensor design, also reduced the sensor plug error probability, to bring you more convenient products experience.It has a high triple-a driving power, 6-12v wide input voltage, and only two pins are required for each motor drive to make programming easier.The GearDuino controller is based on the ATmega328P chip, which is the same as Arduino UNO, which you can launch directly from the Arduino IDE 1.8.0 or updated version.

More importantly GearDuino supported Mr Loose programming SuperBlockly online programming function of cloud, you can through the way of high similar to play toys with pieces of graphics object construct application, make the programming more simple and intuitive.


  • Micro Controller:ATmega328P-AU
  • Guidance Loaded Programme:Arduino UNO
  • Working Voltage:5V
  • Power Supply:MicroUSB or outside supply 6-12V
  • Input Voltage(Recommand):7-11V
  • Input Voltage(Limitation):6-12V
  • Output: 5V
  • Current Output 0-3A(5V)
  • VDD SDA GND, pin elucidation:
  • Digital Interface: 4(Suitable servo)
  • Analog Interface: 4
  • Motor Interface:2
  • PWM Interface:D9 D10
  • Expend Interface:IIC,Serial Communication,ICSP,Dual Motor Drive Module interface
  • Clock Frequency:16MHz

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