DRV8833 Dual-circuit Motor Driver Module for Arduino L298 Dual-H bridge

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ALSRobot launches the newest DRV8833 dual-circuit motor driver module ,it uses a DRV8833 dual-circuit motor driver chip, with dual-H bridge driver, and can drive two direct current (DC) brush motor, a bipolar stepper motor, solenoid, or other inductive loads.The DRV8833 dual- circuit motor module is small and light. It has A strong driving capacity: 2A peak current, 1.5A continuous current of each circiut;It has the function of overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, under-voltage blocking and overheat protection.The motor driver module is suitable for smart programmable car and wheeled robot, which can be used with various controllers to help you realize the DIY dream of robot.


  • Product Item: DRV8833 dual-circuit motor driver module
  • Product Code: RB-02S134
  • Brand: ALSRobot
  • Dimensions: 32mm*56mm
  • Weight: 9g
  • Package: Antistatic bag
  • Hole: M4*4
  • Driver Chip: DRV8833
  • Input Voltage:Exteral DC Power 6-10V
  • Logic Voltale:TTL
  • HIGH: 5V
  • LOW:  0V
  • Driver Current:Each H bridge can reach to 1.5-A RMS (or DC) driver curent(at 25℃ 
  • and adopt 5V VM power).Each H bridg can support 2A peak curent.
  • PIN :  VM:External power inpiy pin 
  • GND
  • PW1,DR1:L Circut motor co ntrol pin
  • PW2,DR2:RCircut motor control pin
  • Power Light:on

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