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Harbin Alseon Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to education of robotics and intelligent electronic open source hardware development and popularization, agents Sparkfun, Pololu, Arduino and other well-known brands of robots and electronic products. Latest HCNE1-0530 frame electromagnet is Shanghai Watson genuine products, easily fixed and connected load, temperature stable, under load conditions, you can use more than one million cycles.


  • Dimensions:13*15*30(mm)
  • Working Voltage:12(V)
  • Working Theory:Power-up State is drawing,Power-off is restoration,Use actuators of automation equipment
  • Singal Power-up Working Time:1-10s
  • Stroking time:10mm


  • Easily fixed and connected load
  • Temperature stability and extended product life and ensure good performance
  • E retaining ring and gasket operation of the solenoid valve mute
  • Low friction ensure high efficiency and extend the life of Electromagnet
  • Simple and reliable design


  • Game Console(Various options coin slot machine)
  • Vending machines(All kinds of vending machine coin change vending machines)
  • Office equipment(List of computer equipment fax machine punch card machine,Photocopy machines cash register typewriter plotter drink machines)
  • Transportation equipment(Automatic door lock car safety belts parking solenoid valve device)
  • Household appliances(Recorder, video recorder automatic knitting machine karaoke machine keyboard)
  • Others(Packaging machine manipulator farming equipment stamping equipment fire alarm provincial water solenoid valve)