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With the outer diameter of 25MM, GA25-370 DC geared motor has the characteristics of wide operating voltage range, Current, torque, low noise, to meet different product requirements for toy cars, robots, electronic locks, automatic intelligent devices, PTZ, etc. Produced with high quality steel, the GA25-370 DC geared motor has the features of  good wear resistance, long life and low voice, which widespread among customers.


  • Product Name: 25GA370 DC Gear Motor
  • Item No.: RB-04M055
  • Voltage: 6-12V (gear motor starting voltage of 4.5V, the normal operating voltage of 6V-12V, the lower the voltage the slower deceleration is, torque reduction)
  • No-load speed: 35R / Min, 45R / Min, 70R / Min, 100R / Min and other speed
  • Rated speed: 75% of No-load speed
  • Output torque: 0.2kg.cm-7.5kg.cm
  • Gearbox ratio: 1:21 --- 1: 499
  • Shaft length: 4-10MM
  • Outer diameter: 25mm
  • Weight: 91g