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ALSRobot's Bluetooth adaptor is an electric hardware (there is also a software stack which runs on the machine to which adaptor is added) which allows you to add Bluetooth interface and functionality to a product. e.g. for a PC one can add a USB Bluetooth adaptor which can be used to interface with other electronics items like mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets or other PCs. Most of latest phones have Bluetooth functionality built-in which can be used for interfacing with Bluetooth hands-free headsets or other mobile phones or computers.


  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 2.0
  • Bluetooth Software and Version: IVT 2.6 software
  • Support Plug and Play
  • Working Range: 0—10m
  • Support File Transfer Service
  • Support Bluetooth Headset
  • Support Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard
  • Support Network Access Service
  • Support Fax and Printer Service
  • Support Data Transferring
  • Weight:26g
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