IIC color sensor module TCS34725 color sensor for Arduino Programming

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IIC color sensor uses TCS34725 color sensor for color recognition.The TCS34725 is a cost-effective RGB full-color color recognition sensor, which uses optical induction to identify the surface color of objects.Support red, green, blue (RGB) three primary colors, support light induction, can output the corresponding specific value, help you restore the color true.In order to improve the precision and prevent the interference of the surrounding environment, we added a lens cover on the sensor, effectively reducing the external interference sensor of stray light and making the color management more accurate.The board is equipped with two highlighted leds to enable the sensor to function normally under low ambient light.The module uses I2C communication and has 4P antiplug interface, which is more convenient.

  • Item name:IIC color sensor
  • Item code:RB-02S161
  • Brand:ALSRobot
  • Original:China
  • Size:25*40
  • Fixed hole:M3*2
  • Interface type: 4P anti - plug interface
  • Signal type: IIC communication
  • Lamp:
  • Working voltage: 5V
  • Working current: 100mA
  • Pin definition:
  • +: power positive
  • - : power supply negative pole
  • SDA: IIC data port
  • SCL: IIC clock port
  • LED: two onboard LED control ports, suspended or high level on, low level off
  • INT: output interrupt pin. See TCS34725 data manual for details
  • Connection wire: 4P sensor connection wire
  • Detection range: red, green, blue and white light detection
  • Working temperature: - 40 ~ 85 ℃


IIC color sensor module interface clear

IIC color sensor module size precision

IIC color sensor connect with Arduino UNO R3 controller

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