Joy Bit shield PS2 handle button for micro:bit

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Brand: ALSRobot


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JoyBit is the game type extension board,specially designed for micro:bit,which is designed according to the shape of handheld game machine, the shape of entertainment handle and the key position, and the board buzzer can play music.The JoyBit expansion board can be powered by 2 AAA batteries, and can also be powered directly via micro:bit's USB port.JoyBit allows you to experience more happiness and achieve more interesting ideas while learning.


  • Item name: Joy Bit shield
  • Item Code: RB-01C145
  • Brand: ALSRobot
  • Place of origin: China
  • Power supply : 2 AAA batteries (No. 7 battery) or connect microbit power supply via USB port
  • Working voltage: 3V or USB 5V power supply
  • Buzzer control: P0
  • Horizontal axis of rocker: the analog value is 0 when pushed by P1 joystick to the left, and 1023 when pushed by the right end
  • Rocker vertical axis: push P2 rocker to the lower end to read the analog value is 0, push to the upper end to read value is 1023
  • Key A: equivalent to micro: key A on the bit board, connected to P5
  • Key B: same as micro: button B on the bit board, connected to P11
  • All the yellow buttons on the expansion plate are detected with high level when pressed and low level when released