Zinnobot(Without charging kit)

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Product description:
ZinnoBot intelligent programming robot is an entry-level education integrating mechanical, electronic and software programming.Robot DIY kit, which can be combined with different parts and sensor modules to form various shapes and functions.Robots, such as line-hunting robots, autonomous obstacle-avoiding turtle robots, chasing beacon robots, remote control against football machines people and so on. With instructional and graphical programming software, you can easily learn programming knowledge and exercise logical thinking.At the same time, you can also use the various mobile phone apps developed by Ozon to wirelessly control the robots to achieve the football confrontation.Fun, this suite not only can train young people's hands-on ability, but also cultivate their imagination and creativity.Parents provide a good choice for robotic gifts for children.

1x buzzer sensor
1x upper board
1x base
2x LED light sensor
1x front enclosure
1x infrared receiver
1x rear enclosure
1x blue wave switch
1x battery case
1xDC connector
1x aluminum alloy ultrasonic bracket
3x line-finding sensor
1x plastic steel ball caster
2x65mm smart wheels.
4xM3x25 screw
22xM3x6 screws
1x steering gear
16x nylon column
1x Starduino UNO R3 controller
1x MotorDriver Shield
27xM3 nut
2xM3x10 screws
2xMini two-axis DC geared motor
4xM4x8 screw
4xM4 nut
1x ultrasonic obstacle avoidance sensor