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Aluminum "I" Servo Bracket C

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Product description:
    The Variety Star Creative Assembled Kit is a scientific experimental DIY kit that combines mechanical, electronic and software. It consists of controllers, sensors, mechanical parts, etc., which can be combined to form different shapes. Not only can they exercise the ability of young people to work, but also cultivate their imagination and creativity. Teamwork and assembly can stimulate the collective cooperation ability. Good hands like DIY children can learn the electronic knowledge of electronics, bionics, physics, software programming, etc. The kit breaks the traditional rigid education of teenagers, changes the boring learning mode, cultivates interest-oriented, and focuses on solving Lack of science and technology teaching aids, lack of innovation in experiments, high hardware costs, etc., suitable for student engineering practice, graduation design, robot competition; teachers can achieve innovative teaching through it; makers can use it to achieve new product prototype design verification, while meeting metal Control, robot control, DIY control all the needs, let you fall in love with him! As long as you are willing to create, dare to experience new things, and love science experiments, this creative assembly kit is the best choice for you!

Mechanical parts features:
1) The main structural parts are stamped and formed by high-strength 2mm aviation aluminum plate. Combined with CNC precision machining, the structure is firm and tightly matched; the high temperature resistance reaches 500 degrees Celsius.
2) Tensile strength is greater than 250 MPa; endurance is greater than 172 MPa; elongation is less than 1.7%; hardness is greater than 70 HB.
3) Aluminum alloy material, light and solid.
4) Anodized and colored, safe and non-toxic, it is wine red.
5) Industry standard hole width, compatible with hardware store parts.
6) ★ Rounded corner design: The alloy parts are non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly, durable, rounded edge design, no injury to the hands, no cutting hands.
7) ★ Screw (general): Screw link, etc. are all detachable links. Compared with welding, the process is simple, flexible to assemble and disassemble, and can be replaced at will, firm and firm.
8) ★ Stitching is more secure: Alsrobot has changed the traditional robot assembly mode, and applied a stable and reliable assembly structure, which greatly increased the types of assembled models, reasonable structural design, easy to grasp, and strong development ability.

1. Material: aluminum alloy
2. Size:60*24*2.5mm
3. Weight:7g