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Product description:
The small MU vision sensor is a sensor for image recognition. Its built-in deep learning engine can recognize a variety of target objects, such as color detection, sphere detection, human detection, card recognition and so on. The test results can be output through UART or 12C. The volume is small, the power consumption is low, all algorithms are processed locally, and no network is needed. It can be widely used in products or fields such as smart toys, artificial intelligence teaching aids, and makers.

1. Small and low consumption
The small MU vision sensor is a new generation of Moto vision sensor. It is small in size and low in power consumption. It uses a 30W wide-angle lens to process all algorithms locally, with faster processing speed and higher recognition rate.
2. Easy to use
Small MU vision sensor supports UART, 12C, WIFI communication mode, suitable for Arduino, Mixly and micro:bit embedded platforms, and we provide official library files, open source download application cases.
3. Widely used
The small MU vision sensor can be widely used in smart toys, artificial intelligence teaching aids, maker products and other products or neighborhoods.
4. Safe and reliable, no network required
All visual recognition algorithms integrated by the small MU vision sensor are processed locally, without the need for networking, and are not limited by network conditions, without worrying about privacy leaks.

Performance description:
Name: MU Vision Sensor
Goods number: RB-02S188
Size 3.2cm*3.2cm*1.2cm
Camera resolution: 640x480
Supply voltage: 5V
Identifiable target: the card of the person (according to the upper body) ball (the table tennis ball and tennis ball) color (the output color in the specified position in the field of view, the position of the specified color output in the field of view)
Software library available: arduino library functions micro:bit library functions
Working current: 60mA~90mA
UART baud rate: 9600bps~921600bps
Lens resolution: 640x480