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3D printing pen

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Brand: ALSRobot

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Product description:

3D printing pen is the first pen in the world with 3D printing function.Using PLA and ABS plastic, the 3D printing can "write" on any surface or even draw directly in the air.It is compact and requires no computer or computer software support.You just plug it in and wait and you can start your wonderful creation.

The principle of the 3D printing pen is similar to that of the 3D printer. The printable material is melted at high temperature in the pen and extruded from the hot plastic at the nozzle, and then cooled rapidly when it meets the air, and finally solidifies into a stable state.


1.High Compatibility 

Compatible with USB cable and can be connected to mobile power, plug it in and you can draw at any time.

2.Compact & Portable

Compact and light, ergonomic design

3.Easy to operate

One-key operation, convenient and simple

4.Low temperature painting

Low temperature painting safe and environmental protection

5.Independent vent design

With hot air vent

6.Uniform Discharge

More convenient to draw evenly

7.Intelligent temperature control

Precise temperature control according to different materials

8.Environment-friendly & Safe

Food-grade materials, non-toxic, odorless and degradable


1. Use: 3D painting, 3D free creation
2. Discharge method: hot melt extrusion stacking
3. Print range: no limit
4. Consumable type: eMate (PCL low temperature consumables)
5. Power input: 100-240V~50/60HZ/0.3A
6. Power output: 5V-2A (can be equipped with mobile power)
7. Optional color: red / yellow / blue / black / white / custom
8. Certification: CE/FCC/EN71/ROHS
9. Forming method: three-dimensional molding
10. Spinning speed: 0-120CM/MIN
11. Consumable diameter: 1.75MM
12. Heating temperature: 75 ° C - 95 ° C
13. Nozzle diameter: 0.6MM
14. Size: 140*15*16MM
15. Weight: 34G

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