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IoT Creative Kit

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Product description:
       Alsrobot's self-developed dozens of electronic modules combined with the base of compatible LEGO bricks, combined with LEGO small building blocks and robotic mechanical components, can create a variety of vivid and interesting cases. Electronic building blocks cover different types of simulation, digital, input and output, which greatly enrich and expand the playability of LEGO bricks.
        For younger children, simple cases such as desk lamps and doorbells can be built without programming. For children with a certain foundation, the experimental box is equipped with a microbit controller produced by BBC and gradually popularized by the global robot education community. With programming and building blocks, you can make complex dynamic mechanical structures and build freely runable. The car completes advanced functions such as obstacle avoidance and inspection.

Packing list

1 RB-02S005B LED Red Modulex1
2 RB-02S006B LED Green Modulex1
3 RB-02S008B LED Yellow Modulex1
4 RB-02S120A Fan Motor Modulex1
5 RB-02S032B Large Button Modulex1
6 RB-02S024B Rotary Potentiometer Modulex1
7 RB-02S023B Light Sensorx1
8 RB-02S027B Green Inclination Sensorx1
9 RB-02S003B Infrared obstacle avoidance sensorx1
10 RB-02S002B Infrared line finder sensorx2
11 RB-02S017B Infrared pyroelectric sensorx1
12 RB-02S019B LM35 Temperature Sensorx1
13 RB-02S029B Black Vibration Sensorx1
14 RB-02S026B Magnetic Induction Sensorx1
15 RB-02S078B Grayscale Sensorx1
16 RB-02S087A Vibration Motor Modulex1
17 RB-02S102A Gesture Sensorx1
18 RB-02S082B Ceramic Vibration Sensorx1
19 RB-03T005B Infrared Receiver Modulex1
20 RB-02S108A Logic Non-Module x1
21 RB-02S113A nine-axis attitude sensorx1
22 RB-02S009B Voltage Sensor x1
23 RB-02S080B Water Vapor Sensor  x1
24 RB-02S033B collision switch module  x1
25 RB-02S117A Dual Power Adapter Module  x1
26 RB-02S048B Water Level Sensor  x1
27 RB-02S047B Soil Moisture Sensor  x1
28 RB-02S071B slider module  x1