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Arduino 2-DOF HS-311 pan and tilt Kit is a cost-effective, positioning-precise and lightweight kit that can be used both inside and outside. It features moving vertically and horizontally. Not only can the camera attached to it record images, but recognize images and implement positioning tracking. With an attachment of IR sensor or Ultrasonic sensor, it forms an all-in-one detecting device to be able to sense the change of ambient surroundings by which the robot can detect and avoid obstacles. By the control of an Arduino controller, a color searchlight can also be attached to it to complete a new work.

Packing List:

  • 2 × HS-311 high-quality servo
  • 1 × Alluminium alloy multi-purpose servo bracket
  • 1 × Alluminium alloy “U” bracket
  • 1 × Bearing
  • 1 × Bearing spring washer and screw
  • 1 × Screw and nut

Attention! Servo connection: Red (+), Black (-), Yellow (signal).