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This ALSRobot LCD12864 Joystic Shield uses the fire-new Nokia LCD as the main display device.With this Arduino laminated plate design concept, it can be directly connected to Arduino UNO, Arduino mega328, Arduino mega2560,Arduino ADK controller. Chinese, English, characters and pictures can be clearly displayed. The five to miniature rocker could make you communicate with the robot easily. In addition, there are five simulation extended interfaces and six digital extended interfaces on the board, which can connected to all kinds of sensor modules, such as temperature and moisture sensor, triaxial accelerometer etc. It is a dispensable displayer for you if you want to show an interactive work.


  • Working voltage:+3.3V
  • Backlight color: white
  • Working temperature:0°C~+85°C
  • Size:70mm*53mm
  • Lattice:128x64