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Welcome RaspiRobot Board,the newest member of Raspberry Pi.This DC motor driver board is specifically make for the  Raspberry Pi enthusiasts by ALSRobot.RaspiRobot Board has delicate appearance,stable performance and even use very convenient.Perfect combination with your Raspberry Pi.
You can just plug the RaspiRobot Board into the GPIO port on the Raspberry Pi and it provides dual bi-directional motor controllers, two open collector outputs, two switch inputs, a pair of status LEDs and even a voltage regulator capable of powering the Pi using a battery source from 7-12VDC.
The combination of Raspberry Pi and the RaspiRobot Board makes it easier and more affordable than you might think to build a robot with computer vision, web access or even machine learning using the linux operating system and Python code.


  • Product Name:RasPiRobot Board
  • Item No.:RB-01C073
  • Control Line: Dual Bidirectional Motor Control
  • Power Range:7-12V supply range
  • Electronic switch:open collector output (25mA/5V)
  • Indicator:LED light-emitting diode × 2
  • Contact:switch input × 2
  • Extended Interface:5V serial interface
  • Circuit interface:3.3V/I2C Interface
  • Other:Python library modules in conjunction with the use of more convenient
  • Size:51 × 51 mm

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