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Rapiro Kit Robot is a DIY model robot kit for hobby and education in sofeware engineering and robotics area. A cute, affordable, easy-to-assembled humanoid robot kit comes with 12 servos and servo control board (Arduino compatible). It’s designed for Raspberry Pi and its camera module. Looks small, acts large, all its limitless possibilities depend on how you program it.

Rapiro is very easy to assemble! All you need to build Rapiro is two screwdrivers, and to follow the simple step-by-step instructions. Rapiro comes with a pre-programmed Rapiro board which works right after assembling.

The Rapiro board is Arduino compatible and you can program it using the Arduino IDE. Your Rapiro could dance or sweep your desk if you program it to do so. Rapiro has countless possibilities for expansion! By mounting a Raspberry Pi and sensors (sold separately), you can customize your Rapiro anyway you want.

Arduino Compatible:
Arduino is a combination of an 8-bit AVR based microcontroller board and C++ like development environment (Arduino IDE). The controller board works like an Arduino board, and it can be reprogrammed using Arduino IDE. Rapiro is not only for those who have programming skills but also for beginners.

Packing List:

  • 30 x Body parts (pieces)
  • 12 x Servo motors (pieces)
  • 50 x Screws (pieces)
  • 2 x Cables (pieces)
  • 2 x Pre-programmed Rapiro board (pieces)

Note: Raspberry Pi, Sensors, Battery and AC Adaptor are not included.


  • Size: 250mm X 200mm X 155mm(when assembled)
  • Weight: 1kg (when assembled)
  • PC Interface: USB
  • Tools required for assembly Screwdrivers (#0, #1)
  • Recommended Ages Kids (and big kids) aged 15 and upwards


  • Five AA Ni-MH batteries(Works for 45 -90 minutes)
  • AC adaptor (6V-12V, 4A and over, Plug: Outer diameter 5.5mm, Inner diameter 2.1mm, Center-positive, Barrel-negative)

Easy to assemble:
Rapiro is easy to assemble! All you need to build is two screwdrivers and to follow the simple step-by-step instructions.

About an AC adaptor:

  • Input: 6-12V, 4A
  • Please find an AC adaptor which can supply it

You can install Raspberry Pi:
Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized PC based on ARM micro processor and Linux. If you want more functions, you could do it by installing a Raspberry Pi (sold seprately) inside Rapiro. Raspberry Pi can be programmed with a wide variety of programming languages for Linux. Depending on your programming, your Rapiro could give you message notifications with Wi-Fi enabled or could protect your home as a security robot using a camera module!

12 servo motors:
Rapiro comes with a total of 12 servo motors, one for its neck, one in the waist, four for the two feet, and the final six for its two arms. The torques of the six servos in the neck, waist and two feet, are 2.5kgf-cm(35ozf-in). The torques of six servos in the two arms are 1.5kgf-cm(21ozf-in). Both operating speeds are 0.12 sec/60°. Both maximum angles are 180°