I2C/TWI LCD2004 Module for Arduino Controller

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ALSRobotbase latest IIC LCD2004 character LCD module with a new line of high-quality 4 x 20 character LCD module not only set the contrast knob, also has a backlight selector switch and IIC communication interface. For Arduino beginners, not for cumbersome and complex LCD driver circuit connection and a headache, the true meaning of this LCD module will simplify the circuit, this module directly into the Arduino Sensor Shield V5.0 sensor expansion board IIC device interface can, through 4P sensor cable is connected, after Arduino controller programming, can easily identify the slogan, recorded sensor data is displayed.

As Arduino enthusiasts and users, you often encounter such a problem: limited control port, plug a few numbers module, plus several sensor modules, ports run out, want to take a LCD sensor readings can not be achieved because Interface controller also reason to change Arduino Mega2560 overhead, too harsh, then how do? Now the problem can be easily solved, our newly developed IIC LCD2004 character LCD module can solve these problems, IIC (I2C) can be achieved only two lines of data communication, but also linked to other IIC (I2C) devices. And IIC LCD2004 character backlit LCD display with a manual switch, contrast adjustment and other functions, you can set your own based on your actual needs.


  • Product name:IIC LCD2004 LCD character display
  • Item No.:RB-05L012
  • Operating voltage:DC 5V
  • Contrast adjustment:potentiometer adjustment
  • Backlight adjustment:the program or manual control switch
  • Interface definition:+, -, SDA, SCL
  • Module size:98 × 60 × 21mm
  • Modules Weight:78g
  • Mounting Hole Diameter:3.5mm
  • Horizontal mounting hole center distance:93mm
  • Vertical mounting holes center distance:55mm
  • Screen size:98 × 40 × 9.8mm
  • Working temperature: -30 ~ +60 ℃
  • Pin Definition:
    1. SDA:Two-way data signals
    2. SCL:Clock signal
    3. +: Power supply(VCC)
    4. -:Ground(GND)

Packing List:

  • 1 x IIC LCD2004 LCD Character Display
  • 1 x 4P Cable

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