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Harbin Alseon Robotics Technology Co., Ltd.latest product Raspberry Pi Camera Bracket,it is used the most popular elements of 3D printing processing.Solid by PLA(polylactic acid) material,non-toxic and environmental protection.No stitching,the best partner of Raspberry Pi Camera.Raspberry Pi Camera Bracket using the 3D printing module is more humanization detailed,a sense of the user experience as the first criterion.Do you remember when you are holdding a delicate raspberry pi camera but nowhere to place it? Or when you are recording a video but the screen kept shaking?Raspberry Pi Camera Bracket may the lucky girl to solve that!


  • Product Name: Raspberry Pi Camera Bracket
  • Item No.: RB-09M156
  • Material: PLA (polylactic acid)
  • Dimensions:. 5.5x2.5x0.46cm
  • Color: Red, yellow, green, blue, purple. White, black, transparent (please communicate with the customer before ordered, no notes will random color)

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