All-purpose Acrylic Assembled Box Kit For Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi 2

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Acrylic Assembled Box Kit from Alsrobot can quickly build a nice framework to protect your controller,and the frame box can be expanded, stacked and assembled in three dimensions to facilitate the connection of multiple controllers and unlimited extension allowed.You can install it on any robot you designed.

The multi-functional bracket consists of high quality aluminum alloy and transparent acrylic board, safe and clear to see inside structure.The multi-function bracket is equipted with mounting hole can be matched with multiple controller.It also has the mounting hole that matches the motor, an Mini car is finished if motor and the wheel are installed. Multi-functional bracket can be matched with multiple brackets to build a variety of creative assembly


  • Component:
    1x acrylic controller mounting panel,it can be adapted with 9 kind of controllers including Intel Galileo development boards,PicoBoard,PcDuino,Raspberry Pi2,Banana Pi,Arduino Mega2560 controller、Carduino UNOcontroller,Dual H-bridge direct motor driver,Intel Edison development boards
    1x hollow acrylic top cover plate
    2x hollow aluminum alloy mounting bracket,it also can be used as motor fixation and multi-function assorted bracket
  • Size: 160x105x20mm
  • Simple and versatile,easy assembly,firm and stable material

Packing list:

  • 1x top plate
  • 1x bottom plate
  • 2x mounting bracket
  • 20x 3065B nylon rivets
  • 4x M3*5*4 nylon washers
  • 4x M3*12 screw
  • 4x M3 nut