Arduino Mini Controller ATMEGA32U4 Arduino Steven Controller

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Builded with master chip ATMEGA32U4, the mini controller is easy to use and very powerful. It is in a small volume with a digital IO, an analog IO and an I2C interface, which is very suitable for more stringent requirements to control the volume of the occasion. By supplying an external power(7-15V), the digital port can drive servos work. There are four M3 mounting holes onboard, using immersion gold process, flexible in using and elegant in appearance.


  •  Product Name: Steven Controller
  •  Item No: RB-01C102
  •  Microcontroller: ATMEGA32U4 (processing speed of up to 16MIPS)
  •  Working Voltage: DC + 5V (USB direct power supply)
  •  The external power supply voltage: Recommended DC + 7V ~ + 15V
  •  Output voltage: DC + 5V
  •  Digital Interface: D2, D3, D10 (D2, D3 for I2C)
  •  Analog Interface: A1
  •  Size: 30mm x 50mm
  •  Weight: 8g
  •  The pin definition:

       D2: digital pin 2
       D3: digital pin 3
       10: digital pin 10
       1: Analog Pin 1
       - / G: Power ground
       + / V:. power positive


  •  I2C interface connects directly LED bar in I2C pins (GPIO 2 pick SDA, GPIO 3 pick SCL)
  •  Digital IO interface directly connected to the 360-degree steering
  •  Analog interface A1 is directly connected to the ultrasonic sensor URF02