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The XBee Sensor Shield is produced by ALSRobot,it is the newest one about V5.0,it is not only keep the original advantages of V5.0,but also increase the bluetooth Xbee encapsulation,WIFI and Xbee communication module interface,compatible with Arduino UNO、Arduino Duemilanove and Arduino LEONARDO controllers.the most important is the shield add 5V/3.3V power switch function,imply change the position of the jumper cap, you can make it compatible with low voltage sensor module.

The XBee Sensor Shield adopted digital and analog interface with servo motor line extanding,Also has IIC interface, 32-channels servo controller interface (digital D0, D1) bluetooth module and communication interface, the TF card module communication interface, APC220 wireless RF module communication interface, 12864 LCD serial interface,independence spread out more convenient and easy to use.

For Arduino beginners, they won't have a headache for the complex line connection, the XBee Sensor shields make the circuit more easy in truth,it can easily connect usual sensors, a sensor need only a general 3 p sensor cable (both digital and analog cable), after finishing the circuit, write the corresponding Arduino program downloaded to the corresponding sensor data read from the Arduino controller, or receiving wireless module of return data, after processing, the final product easy to finish their interaction.sensors extension plate in the true sense of simplifying the circuit, can easily connect commonly used sensors, a Sensor need only a general 3 p Sensor cable (both digital and analog cable, cable), after finishing the circuit connection, write the corresponding Arduino program downloaded to the corresponding Sensor data read from the Arduino controller, or receiving wireless module of return data, after processing, the final product easy to finish their interaction.


  • 1.Product Name:XBee Sensor Shield
  • 2.Product Number:RB-01C015A
  • 3.Output Voltage:5.5V/9V-12V
  • 4.Product Compatibility:UNO、DUE、LEONARDO and all the sensors in store.
  • 5.Dimessions:56mm x 56mm


  • 1.D:Digital signal interface
  • 2.A:Analog signal interface
  • 3.V/+:VCC
  • 4.G/-:GND
  • 5.Others:APC220,Bluetooth,SPI,XBee,IIC,LCD1286