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Arduino motor driver shield is a double circuit full bridge motor driver shield based on L298 under Alsrobot brand, it can connect with controller Arduino UNO RC as expansion board driver sensitive overload, such like DC motor, stepping motor, relay and solenoid etc.During the cooperation with Arduino UNO R3 controller, it can drive speed and direction of two-way DC moter at the same time or independently. The maximum output current can reach to 3A from Arduino UNO R3 controller digital IO port be extracted by river Shield, 10 of 65CS servo can be drived at the same time if combinate with sensor shield V5.0, it's very easy operation.This item is suitable for ctrolling DC motor of 2WD mobile, stepping motor control and the Apps which need high current output from IO port.


  • Input voltage: 12-35V
  • Logic voltage: 5V
  • Products classification: output, driving sensitive overload
  • Interface type: straight cutting,KF2510
  • Output signal: digital,analog signal
  • PINs: signal PIN G/- : GND +: VCC 5V/V TXD: serial port transmission SDA;TWI data SCL:TWI clock