Raspberry Pi 10.1" TFT LCD Display ( without AV interface)

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ALSRobot launches the newest ALL SIGHI LCD with HDMI and high light, The Raspberry Pi 10.1" TFT LCD Display with incredibly high resolution great angle-visibility. Raspberry Pi Display can support multiple video formats like HDMI, VGA and AV. It has 10.1 inches diagonal measured active display area with HD resolution. The TFT-LCD is a Colorful Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display with an integral LED backlight system. Raspberry Pi LCD Display also have a driver board which is mainly to meet the specialized needs of  the market and the development of small size, versatile, wide educational grade LCD panels.

This Raspberry Pi 10.1" TFT LCD Display driver board has been tested with Raspberry Pi and personal computer. The HDMI cable and AC / DC adapter is not included, should be purchased separately. if you have a Raspberry Pi or a Pcduino need a TFT LCD display, this item is a good choice.


  • Panel Type: TFT
  • Brightness: 400 luminance    
  • Resolution: 1920 × 1080
  • LVDS interface
  • Feature: reversing priority+HDMI+VGA service
  • Operation: easy
  • Application: Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Pcduino, Industrial Equipment Commissioning, Video Intercom, Onboard Computer,Instrumentation, Industrial Control, Medical Equipment, Portable Display Equipment and other electronic fields

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