Getting Started with Arduino Kit for Education Starter Kits

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Getting Started with Arduino kit has been updated by Harbin Alseon Robotics Technology Corp.,Ltd.In order to further enhance the Arduino enthusiasts’starter experience, our company summarizes every customer's feedback carefully, delves into each good course on the market, chooses each component for meeting your choices, considers each study, now the Arduino starter kit has been updated to components box course,the kit CD contains all the experimental demonstration example to help Arduino's enthusiast finish every experiment,and help enthusiasts to know the open source prototype platform,which is the most popular in the world.

Getting Started with Arduino kit is crafted specifically for the Processing and Arduino enthusiasts, which contains many of the market's most popular sensor modules. Although you did not learn the programming language of the host computer electronic circuit or VB, VC, Delphi, etc, you can still follow the product instructions operation to do experiment step by step. Through the operation of each experiment, you can achieve the interaction between the sensor and Processing easily by the interface of 3P sensor cable and sensor expansion board.

Packing List:

  • 1×Carduino Uno R3 Controller
  • 1×Breadboard Self-Adhesive
  • 1×Mini Photocell
  • 1×Diode 1N4007
  • 2×Mini Push Switch
  • 1×Reed Switch Insulated
  • 2×5mm LED (Red)
  • 2×5mm LED (Yellow)
  • 2×5mm LED (Green)                                
  • 5×Resistor 10kΩ DIP
  • 9×Resistor 470Ω
  • 1×USB Cable                       
  • 1×Jumper Wire Kit
  • 1×PIR Sensor
  • 1×Magnet
  • 1×Tilt Switch
  • 1×3 Pin Jumper Wire
  • 1×Micro DC Motor
  • 1×Mini Fan
  • 1×MOSFET IRF520
  • 1×8-Segment Display
  • 1×IR Flame Sensor Diode
  • 1×Buzzer 12mm
  • 1×Transistors-NPN 9013
  • 1×5mm LED Common Cathode
  • 1×Relay
  • 1×Electronic Components Box


  • Lesson 1: Light up a LED
  • Lesson 2: Digital Dice
  • Lesson 3: Flame Detector
  • Lesson 4: Reed MOSFIT and Relay
  • Lesson 5: Waterfall LED Lamp
  • Lesson 6: Intelligent Door Bell
  • Lesson 7: Brightness Adjustable LED
  • Lesson 8: RGB Breathing Light
  • Lesson 9: Speed Adjustable Motor
  • Lesson 10: PIR Sensor Alarm