ALSRobot Quick Start Kit for Arduino Uno R3 Programming STEAM Education

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This ALSRobot QuickStart Programming Kit is exclusive research and development by Harbin Alseon Robotics Technology Corp., Ltd. Designed for lovers of electronic production of a carefully crafted e-learning package. This set gives full consideration to the difficulties encountered by amateur beginner electronics, from simple to complex, from shallow to deep, from digital to analog sensors stepped learning experiment. Even if you did not learn electronics, and microcontroller, it doesn't matter,as long as you have enough creative, always willing to get involved, take a moment to read the section seven instructional videos, I believe you will soon be able to create stunning interactive works.

Bridging the gap between the "real world" and your computer, the QuickStart Programming kit is your starting point into the world of physical computing.  the co-founder of Arduino, you'll be ready to join the tens of thousands of engineers, designers, artists and hobbyists who have discovered this incredible and educational prototyping platform. 

If you've ever wanted to dive into the electronics world but were afraid to try, then this is the perfect kit for you.  A fun, beginner's kit....

Packing List:

  • 1 x Arduino UNO R3
  • 1 x Breadboard-small
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Jumper Wire-10 pcs 
  • 1 x 5mm LED Red 
  • 1 x Mini Photocell 
  • 1 x Mini Push Switch
  • 1 x Resistor 10KΩ
  • 1 x Resistor 470Ωhe gap between th