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The PicoBoard is producted by ALSRobot, This product can be used with Scratch,It can  Interact with Scratch made more vivid and interesting animation project,,which is STEAM Education Innovation Forum recommended products!Scratch is developed and designed by MIT,it is a easy programming tool.MIT make the deep research for thefond of interface with Specific design and development.it is not only easy for children but also making it more interesting.Scratch has been popularized in 2012,it will hold a contest in 2013.it can be used in Create an interactive stories, animation, games, music and art for the above 8ages children's cognitive level. 

Scratch is a free software,provide Simplified Chinese version,Can be installed to run under Windows, Mac, Linux system, don't buy it,Free download from the Internet.
fficial offer online learning communities, at present, already has more than one million based on the Scratch.Projects are sharing in community websites, lovers not only can download free to consult, others work in site, learn other people's code,But also know friends from all over the world, together with the programming, international exchange and study atmosphere together through sharing.

When you will install good system SD card into the Raspberry Pi, and then through the USB interface to the power supply starts, There is a lovely cat head on desktop,after Raspbian system started,then open the English interface of software is Scratch!Scratch is not just a game box Frame.You can use it to make interactive and animated demonstration;Can also use it to interact with external sensors and motor, of course, if you want to completeThis interaction, you need to interactive innovation PicoBoard sensor board.PicoBoard integration with light sensors, sound sensors, press Button and the line slide, as well as four analog input interface, allows you to connect a variety of other sensors.Use the Scratch programming language, you can easily create simple interactive projects based on sensor.The board is designed for education workers and students, through the use of PicoBoard and Scratch can be very basic programming and the application of sensor, the STEAM is necessary in education innovation.

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  • 1 x Picoboard Programing Board
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable 
  • 4 x PicoBoard Alligator Clips
  • 1 x PicoBoard Enclosed
  • 1 x User Manual Guide