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ALSRobot 6V/300R DC Motor

Description: This powerful 6V/300R DC Geared Motor could be the muscle in your next robot. These mo..


Mini Biaxial DC Gear Motor 1:48 for 4WD Mobile Car Chassis

Description: Mini DC Gear Motor is a cost-effective, high usability and quality motor produced by R..


RB-65CS 360 Degree Rotation Servo Motor

Description: The RB - 65CS is the Alsrobot newest generation of 360 degree continuous rotation moto..


Servo Extension Cable (1000mm) For Robot Servo

Description: This Servo Extension Cable comes in very handy when your servo is further away from ..


128x64 Graphic LCD for Arduino Controller

Description: This is a 128x64 liquid crystal display. It not only supports Chinese character and En..


2.4G NRF24L01 Wireless Module

Description: The nRF24L01 is a highly integrated, ultra low power (ULP) 2Mbps RF transceiver IC for..


4WD Mobile Robot Kit with Detection and Avoidance System

Description: ALSRobot is launching the newest 4WD Mobile Robot Kit with Distance System,A..


4WD Robotic Aluminum Mobile Car Chassis--Black

Description: The Arduino 4WD aluminum mobile robot platform can hold many controllers, drivers, sen..


6xAA Battery Holder(double layer)

Description: This battery holder can hold 6 AA battery which can make  7.2 V rechargeable batt..


7 inch TFT LCD Monitor with HDMI Interface for Raspberry Pi or Pcduino

Description: Did you get your hands on a Raspberry Pi or a Pcduino and need a little TFT LCD Monito..


9V to Barrel Jack Adapter

Description: This simple cable has so many uses! Plug a 9V battery into one end and connect the o..


All-purpose Acrylic Assembled Box Kit For Arduino Uno and Raspberry Pi 2

Description:Acrylic Assembled Box Kit from Alsrobot can quickly build a nice framework to protect ..


ALSRobot 12V/100R DC Motor

Description: This powerful 12V DC Geared Motor could be the muscle in your next robot. These motors..


ALSRobot Buzzer Module for Arduino UNO R3 Controller

Description: Buzzer use dc power supply, as voice device widely used in electronic products like&..


ALSRobotBase I Shape Aluminum Bracket Kit

Description: Aluminum "I" Shape Aluminum Bracket can connect many  robot rotating joint, als..


Aluminum "U" Shape Servo Bracket Kit-Silver

Description: Aluminum Short U Servo Bracket can connected with aluminium brackets ,Ball Bearing wit..


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