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4WD Mobile Robot Kit with Detection and Avoidance System

Description: ALSRobot is launching the newest 4WD Mobile Robot Kit with Distance System,A..


4WD Robotic Aluminum Mobile Car Chassis--Black

Description: The Arduino 4WD aluminum mobile robot platform can hold many controllers, drivers, sen..


6in1 Solar Conversion Equipment

Description: Teach children the benefits of solar energy while they create a toy that is both fun t..


ALSRobotBase AS-4WD Mobile Platform Deck

Description: The newly launched AS- 4WD Mobile Platform Deck is specially designed for the Aluminum..


APP Remote Control Toy Educational ZinnoBot Intelligent Programming Robot Kit for Kids

Description:ZinnoBot is an entry-level educational robot DIY kit,Through the combination of differen..


I-Racer Car Robot Kit

Description: This simple, two-wheel drive chassis has a rack-and-pinion style steering mechanism so..


M3 * 10 Mounting Screws Kit--10 sets

Description: High quality flange face screw, wihout the trouble of gaskets, effectively protect ser..


Plastic DC Motor Kit 1:48

Description: Mini DC Gear Motor is a cost-effective, high usability and quality motor produced by A..


Robot Wall-E--Small

Description: WALL-E is an ordinary robot who is made to clean up a waste-covered Earth far in the f..


Wheel Encoder Set for AS-4WD Mobile Car

Description: This quadrate encoder board is designed to hold two infrared reflectance sensors insid..


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