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Product Overview

Cruise-E programming car is a STEM education DIY robot platform based on micro:bit development board. Children can quickly learn micro:bit graphic programming in entertainment from easy to difficult. It can cultivate their interest in science and logical thinking, turn ideas into reality, and let them become creators. This programming car is small and lovely, using delicated metal motor, high quality battery, strong bracket, to create a compact and beautiful appearance. Most of them adopt screw connection, a small number of them use anti-plug design. Easy and safe for installation.

Product Functions

1. Line patrol

02Cruise-E-Automatic Line Patrol.gif

2.Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance

01Cruise-E-Ultrasonic Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance.gif
06Cruise-E-Read the ultrasonic distance value.gif

3. Infrared remote control + obstacle avoidance

File:04Cruise-E-Infrared Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance.gif


File:07Cruise-E-RGB Full-color Light Control.gif

5.Wireless handle remote control

File:03Cruise-E-Wireless Remote Control.gif

6. Buzzer voice prompt

Product Features

Simple Assembly, Rich gameplays

Cruise is simple in structure, compact and flexible, integrated with multiple sensors and electronic modules, and has rich and comprehensive functions.

Open-source hardware, Infinity innovation

The kit is based on micro:bit open-source hardware platform and has a wide range of innovative applications. It helps you build a bridge between the real world and the virtual world and make your cruise move instantly!

Rich resources, Strong strength

micro :bit is a micro-computer development board developed by the BBC in collaboration with 29 companies and institutions and is dedicated to making everyone's inventions interesting!

Full-color printing, Rich applications

Enclosed with color instructions, every step in the assembly process will be display perfectly.

1.Small in size, easy for installation

2.Easy for use

3.Graphical programming

4.Handle & APP control

5.Rich extensions


Cruise-E-function diagram.png

Product Parameter

Name:Cruise-E (Mini micro:bit programming educational robot)

Controller:Micro:bit (additional purchase is required)

Supply voltage:DC 3.5V-5V (3*AAA batteries or 4.2V 1000mAH lithium battery)

Infrared Line Patrol Sensor(Circuit logic high/low level)x2

Buzzer x1

Infrared Receiver (NEC decoder) x1

Infrared obstacle avoidance sensorx1

RGB LED(Full-color 16 million colors)x4

Ultrasonic interface(5V)x1

expansion interface(P1, P2, P3, P4, P6, P7)x1

N20 all-metal Gear Motorx2

Motor Reduction Ratio: 1:60

Motor Drive Mode: PWM

Motor driver chip:DRV8833PWPR,TSSOP16

Bracket and Shield Extention:M3 Screw * 8

Programming Method: Makecode graphical programming

Dimension: 80x80x36mm(LxWxH (without micro:bit )

Hardware description

1.micro:bit motherboard socket

2.3*AAA batteries holder

3. Power switch

4. Battery socket

5. P1 extension

6. P2 extension

7. P3 extension

8. P4 extension

9. P6 extension

10. P7 extension

11. Ultrasonic module VCC=5V, Trig=P2, Echo=P1, Gnd=0V

12.N20 motor wheel, diameter 34mm

13. RGB LED = P5

14. Buzzer switch = P0

15. Infrared receiver port =P8

16. Buzzer = P0

17. Universal wheel

18.N20 metal gear motor, reduction ratio 1:60 = P13,P14,P15,P16 PWM control

19. Infrared line-following sensor = P11,P12

20. Fixed hole for expansion form

21. Fixed hole of lithium panel

Packaging List

Mini Cruisebit maniboard x1, Ultrasonic sensor x1, 34mm rubber wheel x1, 3*AAA battery box x1, Cruisebit acrylic upper plate x1, Screw M3*8, M2+M3 spanner, Copper cylinder + Nut knife.

Cruise-E-Installation steps.png

Makecode Programming Examples

1.Import Makecode Graphical Library

(1)step 1: Click the link: enter Makecode graphical online programming platform

Cruise-E-Import Makecode Graphical Library1.png

(2)step 2: Search for CruiseE library files and add to Makecode

Cruise-E-Import Makecode Graphical Library2.png

(3)step 3: Import the library step diagram

Cruise-E-Import Makecode Graphical Library3.png

2.Makecode control Cruise-E code (1)Motor Control ① Learning Objective: master the basic motor control method of Cruise-E ②Program Effect: Cruise-E car forward 2S, right turn, back 2S, left, forward 2S ③Makecode Programming Link: ④Makecode Graphical Program Screenshots

Makecode control Cruise-E code-Motor control.png

(2)RGB Full-color Light Control

① Learning Objective: Understand the basic use of RGB full-color lights

②Program Effect: Cruise-E four RGB lights, red light for 1S, green light for 1S, blue light for 1S

③Makecode Programming Link:

④Makecode Graphical Program Screenshots

Cruise-E-RGB Full-color Light Control.png

(3)Read the ultrasonic distance value

①Learning Objective: Learn to read the ultrasonic distance to use data flexibly

②Program Effect Display: Ultrasonic detect the distance of the ahead obstacle, and the measured distance display on the lattice screen(cm)

③Makecode Programming Link:

④Makecode Graphical Program Screenshot

Cruise-E-Read the ultrasonic distance value.png

(4)Read the infrared key value

①Learning Objective: Learn how to read the key value of the infrared remote control to flexibly use the data

②Program Effect Display: press any key with the infrared remote control against the infrared receiving tube, display the corresponding key value on the dot matrix screen, display the last two key values in decimal system

③Key value of infrared remote control: the key value in the following figure is hexadecimal. In this product, we read the last two bits of infrared code and automatically convert them into decimal data

Cruise-E-Key value of infrared remote control.png

(5)Infrared Remote Control

①Program Effect Display: Control Cruise-E car forward, turn left, turn right and back respectively by four buttons of infrared remote control (2,4,6,8)

(6)Wireless Remote Control

①Learning Objective: Learn how to use wireless functions of micro:bit

②Program Effect Demonstration: JoyBit handle control Cruise-E car RGB lights, buzzer, and forward and backward left and right movement

③JoyBit Handle Purchase Link:

④JoyBit Handle data link:

⑤Cruise-E Car Makecode Program Link:

⑥Cruise-E Car Makecode Graphical Program Screenshot

Crusie-E-Wireless Remote Control1.png
Cruise-E-Wireless Remote Control2.png
Cruise-E-Wireless Remote Control3.png
Cruise-E-Wireless Remote Control4.png
Cruise-E-Wireless Remote Control5.png
Cruise-E-Wireless Remote Control6.png

(7)Automatic Line Patrol

①Program Effect Display: Cruise-E car drives along the black line (the width of the black line is similar to the width of the insulating tape)

②Makecode Program Link:

(8)Infrared Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

①Program Effect display: After starting up, the Cruise-E car moves forward, infrared detection of the front distance, if the distance is less than the safe distance, the car will randomly choose to turn left or right to avoid obstacles. The infrared safety distance threshold can be changed by adjusting the infrared potentiometer on board.


③Makecode Graphical Program Screenshot

Cruise-E-Infrared Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance.png

(9)Ultrasonic Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

①Demonstration of Program Effect: After starting up, the Cruise-E car moves forward, ultrasonic detect of the distance ahead. If the distance is less than the safe distance, the car will randomly choose to turn left or right to avoid obstacles. The threshold of safe distance can be changed by changing the size of the ultrasonic trigger value in the program.

②MakecodeProgram Link:

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